Rolfing is a system of hands-on, connective tissue manipulation and movement education which re-aligns the body and releases both deep and superficial stress patterns in the human system. The term “Rolfing” is derived from its originator Dr. Ida P. Rolf.

The goal of Rolfing is for you to learn to move and function with greater freedom, and effortlessly maintain a more upright, comfortable posture.  The Rolfing process can be effective in leading clients to a place where they stand and move with more stability and less strain, breathe more easily and more deeply, move with more ease and grace, resulting in a feeling of greater health and wholeness.  Clients also tend to develop a wider range of self-expression.
Sessions generally last 60-75 minutes and include body reading, discussion, hands-on manipulation, movement and perceptual work.  For the most benefit from Rolfing, a series of 10 sessions is recommended.  This is known as the Rolfing 10-series which takes you through a process, often deeply changing, each session being different and leading on from the last, and specifically tailored to your own individual needs.

The Centre for Whole Health does not currently have a Rolfer available.

Last Updated on 16/10/2020