Hania Maclagan

Psychodynamic Counsellor and Psychotherapist

I offer individual child, and family counselling and psychotherapy, and individual adult therapy. With children and families, this can take the form of an initial assessment session with parents followed by individual sessions with the child; individual child sessions combined with separate parent sessions; whole family sessions or any combination that we agree is useful. With adults we agree a working contract of how frequently we meet and build in regular reviews to track progress.

I can offer support with, (amongst other things): bereavement, relationship issues, trauma, bullying, lack of self esteem, depression, relational difficulties failure to thrive in school, family arguments, sibling difficulties, issues connected to fostering and adoption, the affect on children and families of parental/family ill health/mental health/substance misuse.

With children and young people, I use play and art materials as a way of communicating and accessing emotions and narratives that are difficult to put into words. I am able to make a good connection with young people and ensure that the work is lead by them, and progresses in a way that is attuned to their developmental stage. I am able to provide information and support to parents and carers about issues the child and family may be experiencing, as well as strategies and techniques to manage emotions and behaviour.
With adults, I try to make connections between past events and relationships, and current difficulties. Through exploring the dynamic connection between early life events and current behaviour patterns, some relief and understanding of painful feelings can be found, and behaviour patterns can change.

Work is confidential, meaning that I do not share information unless agreed by the client. However, as I work within Child Protection and Safeguarding frameworks, there are exceptions to this; for example if I become aware that a child may be in danger. Confidentiality will be explained in full in our initial meeting. I am happy to liaise with other professionals, such as schools, social workers or health professionals if it is agreed by the client and deemed helpful. I am supervised regularly by a Child Psychotherapist for my work with children and families, with whom I have been working for a number of years.
I am supervised by an adult Psychotherapist for my work with adults. This is to ensure that I maintain ethical standards and that I give the highest standard of service to my clients. Confidential material is not shared during these meetings. Again this will be explained in full during our first meeting.

I have an MSc in Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy. I am an Accredited Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, which means that I have significant post-qualifying experience and have had my professional ethos and commitment to ethical principles assessed.
I have worked in statutory services, working clinically in various Social Services departments including Leaving Care and Fostering and Adoption. I also work within schools, providing individual child and family counselling, as well as acting in a consultative role to teachers and staff, and providing training to staff. I have also worked within the fields of homelessness and substance misuse.
I have experience of working with adults, children and families from a variety of ethnic and social backgrounds, and I am committed to maintaining principles of equality and diversity within my work.

Fees available on request.

Liaison with other professionals (if required): negotiated on individual basis.
If personal circumstances change during the course of therapy, I am open to negotiating fees.

Contact me for more information 0787 6616390

Last Updated on 27/10/2022