Glenn Mower


“I am an accredited counsellor offering short- and longer-term counselling for individuals. I can also offer small group and individual experiences within the broad themes and therapeutic depths of mindfulness and creative writing.”

The way I work

I practice an integrative blend of counselling designed to best suit you. Maybe you sense you need a one-off or a short series of sessions to address a particular issue or goal. You may be looking for a longer explorative counselling experience. The choice is yours to make.
I am relatively active in sessions, meaning that our time together could often flow into an interactive discussion and wisdom sharing experience that is centred around you.
My personal contemplative, creative writing and meditative practices and my desire to live authentically and lightly upon this earth enhances my ability to be open, genuine and present within life and within any counselling relationship.

I work within the ethical framework for good practice offered by my accrediting body (The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy-BACP).
I have been a counsellor for students at Bristol University for the past 12 years (and as such cannot offer counselling to students from that institution at present).
I have offered ‘Mindfulness’ and ‘Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes’ group experiences for students during this time.

Prior to counselling, I worked as a qualified social worker for adults over 65 who are experiencing mental health issues, and a senior practitioner for those experiencing drug and alcohol dependency, and who are living with HIV and AIDS. I have also spent 2 years volunteering abroad with Voluntary Services Overseas (helping develop a social work programme in Belize, Central America).

My Approach

I aim to offer you a focussed refuge where you can be compassionately heard and accepted.
I will encourage you towards developing and/or strengthening an attitude of curiosity and gentleness towards yourself and others.
I choose to believe that we all have inner wisdom, peacefulness and resourcefulness which can be utilized towards growth and greater well-being.

I also know that we maybe meeting at a time when your inner wisdom is partially covered and distorted by suffering and painfulness. At these times being unkind to ourselves and separated from the love and trust of others is common.
I feel it is a privilege to be invited to connect and to gently journey through moments in another person’s life. Together we could rest within in a unique exploration, clarification and potent discovery of the fullness of you.


2003: Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (City of Bristol College & the Central School for Counselling and psychotherapy).
2012: Counselling Accreditation (BACP).
2015: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) parts 1,2,3,4 (via EMDR Works).
2014 onwards: Various retreats and gatherings within Buddhist and Contemplative traditions (please ask if interested).

1986: BA (Hons) Economics (Sunderland Polytechnic).
1993: Joint Diploma and Msc in Social Work (Southampton University).
2008: Post Qualifying Award in Social Work (University of The West of England).
2008: Diploma in Creative Writing (Bristol University).

What refreshes me?
I love to meditate daily (Centering Prayer) and to write poetry and journal (in response to my readings of Christian, Buddhist, Hindu and Sufi texts). I sing in a beautiful choir (Renewal Gospel Choir) and enjoy being alone and being with family and with friends and being in a city of friends yet met.
0117 923 1138

Last Updated on 27/10/2022