Sally Hunter


Having had personal experience of the benefit of manual therapies, Sally was inspired to start training as an Osteopath. She trained in structural and classical osteopathy at the Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine and graduated with a BSc Honours in Osteopathic Medicine. After graduating she worked in Wimbledon before moving to Bristol in the summer of 2011. During her second year at university, she developed a keen interest in cranial osteopathy and began doing extra-curricular training in this field. Sally is continuing her post-graduate training in both paediatrics and cranial osteopathy.

Sally’s training and experiences have enabled her to treat all ranges of patient presentations from acute to chronic and typical to complex, adapting her technique to suit every individual, including those with the most sensitive of systems. Osteopathy is so diverse she enjoys treating the whole spectrum of symptoms and presentations.

Last Updated on 22/03/2020