Carmen Morales


Kinesiology is a holistic treatment system which integrates different methods, including muscle testing, energy work, flower essences, nutrition, body positions and emotional processing to bring harmony and balance to the body, mind and emotions.

Kinesiology is based on an understanding of the human body, mind and emotions as a complex system of information or energy flows, which displays disease and illness when there is an imbalance or block in these energies. Many factors can upset this flow of information, including environmental toxins, allergens, microorganisms, electromagnetic fields and other frequencies, past events, and psychological stresses like worries, fears or limiting assumptions we may have about ourselves. All of these may block the flow of information around our bodies, causing the affected parts to forget how to grow and work correctly.
Our bodies are doing their best to communicate with us—that twinge of pain, the pang of indigestion, the headache, the back-ache, the depression, the general feeling of being out of sorts—all of these are signals from the body that we need to make positive changes in our lives.
Gentle muscle testing opens a channel of communication that allows the body to select corrections from Kinesiology’s uniquely designed system of protocols that will rebalance it so that the flow of information about correct structure and function is restored. The body then responds to the renewed flow of enlivening information and repairs itself.
Kinesiology’s balancing methods include the use of flower essences, nutrition, body positions, energy healing, and emotional processing that mirror the traumas at the heart of the client’s mental, emotional and physical stresses.
Due to its holistic approach, Kinesiology is beneficial for all physical and mental imbalances. Carmen has a strong record of supporting clients to overcome issues including digestive issues, allergies and food intolerance, asthma, skin issues, joint pains, sinus issues, stiff neck, excess weight, IBS, frozen shoulder, anxiety and depression, phobias, negative patterns, fibromyalgia, adrenal issues, shoulders, arm and lower back problems, menstrual issues and pregnancy.
Sessions cost £77 for an hour and a half.

Food intolerance testing

In one session we can identify the causes of your digestive issues, including the root causes of food intolerances, which may include deficiencies, imbalances in the body or emotional issues. On the basis of this assessment, we can identify appropriate treatment which could involve supplements or deeper kinesiology treatment. Many of Carmen’s clients report their problems being resolved after just one session.
The assessment uses Kinesiology muscle testing for 120 specific food types, including grains, dairy, nuts, fish, meat, vegetable & fruits. You are also welcome to bring anything else you would like to be tested for.
Results are instant.
Sessions cost £66 for one hour.