Andrea Newman


Certified Rolfer™ European Rolfing Association (ERA) and Rolf Institute of Structural Integration (RISI)
I have been running my Rolfing practice in Minehead since I qualified as a Rolfer in 2008. I previously had a practice in Belgravia in London, and my practice at the Centre for Whole Health in Bristol began in April 2013.

Rolfing is a system of hands-on, connective tissue manipulation and movement education which re-aligns the body and releases both deep and superficial stress patterns in the human system. The term “Rolfing” is derived from its originator Dr. Ida P. Rolf.
The goal of Rolfing is for you to learn to move and function with greater freedom, and effortlessly maintain a more upright, comfortable posture. The Rolfing process can lead clients to a place where they stand and move with more stability and less strain, breathe more easily and more deeply, move with more ease and grace, results can be in a feeling of greater health and wholeness.
Sessions generally last 60-75 minutes and include body reading, discussion, hands-on manipulation, movement and perceptual work. For the most benefit from Rolfing, a series of 10 sessions is recommended. This is known as the Rolfing 10-series which takes you through a process, often deeply changing, each session being different and leading on from the last, and specifically tailored to your own individual needs.

Rolfing is a remarkable approach to bodywork which continually inspires me. I trained at the ERA in Munich over three years, after having experienced a life-changing Rolfing process myself. I continue to study and develop my skills on an ongoing basis.
Each client has their own individual story and I look forward to working with each new person that comes through the door. Rolfing is not so much a ‘therapy’ as a system of re-education of the body and learning about yourself. You take part in your sessions, and I see it very much as us working together to unravel any knots that are causing pain or restrictive patterns.
You can take individual sessions but for deeper and more long-lasting changes, a series of 10 sessions is advised, followed by no more sessions for at least 6 months to allow the system to settle and integrate the work. I also offer post-10 sessions to people who have already had the Rolfing series in the past, which can take the form of individual sessions, or a mini-series of 3 or 5 sessions for example, according to your needs.

  • Many of my client’s find Rolfing is particularly good at easing back and joint pain
  • Client’s also find that problems related to postural issues can improve
  • Rolfing can be excellent for improving mood
  • Many client’s can benefit from improvements and rehabilitation after injury or surgery (recent or even decades later) in conjunction and advice from their medical professionals
  • Women have felt an improvement of symptoms connected to the menopause
  • Client’s sometimes experience a reduction in states of anxiety which can help them feel freer to move forward in their lives.
  • Rolfing is an opportunity to gain a deeper sense of your body, this awareness can enhance and support those who practising yoga, martial arts, dance, drama, sport, etc.

I have been teaching yoga and meditation since 1994. I am a British Wheel of Yoga Diploma Course Tutor, and run the BWY Yoga Teacher Training Course in Bristol and workshops around the country. Other qualifications I have are: BSc(Hons) in biochemistry, Diploma in Stress Management Training.

Clinic times and fees

  • Monday afternoons 2-7pm at the Centre for Whole Health
  • Fee: £68 per session
  • Children £30 for 30-minute session (accompanied by a parent or guardian)
  • Concessions: some available, please enquire by email

Appointments can be made by calling the Centre for Whole Health directly. If you are a new client and have any questions, please call me on 07867 488561 or email

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