Alice Parham


Reiki uses the naturally healing, universal flow of energy to replenish and re-balance and works on all levels – physical, mental and emotional – clearing blocked or static energy.


My Reiki treatments offer a space for you to relax, and focus on your wellbeing. I work with both a hands-on and hands-off method in a non-invasive way, using the Chakras, Aura, and Crystals to create a personalised healing experience.


I started learning Reiki in 2016 and have just completed Level 3 (June 2021) to become a Master Reiki Practitioner. I am also a registered nurse, working full time in the Children’s Hospital in Bristol and I love that I can practise these two passions in my life that are very different but are both rooted in healing with care and compassion.

Last Updated on 09/08/2021