Slowing Down in the City

Guided mindfulness, creative writing/doodling/drawing and respectful sharing.

Facilitated by Glenn Mower


As we come out from our Pandemic cocoons, we can now gently meet, connect and grow towards finding our new ways of living in this city.

We wrote individually to the muse of ‘In this moment I am…’ and created individual and a shared poem.

Developing a community of mindful seekers.

Over five evenings between October and December 2021 we will be encouraged to slow down, open, wake up and discover our inclinations and purpose in these precious moments of being. Session by session we will guide ourselves within: Learning and unlearning, Life’s love, Power and vibrations, Happiness and Peace.

‘The gentleness and a focusing into ‘these creative moments’ felt ‘refreshing and familiar,  brave and safe’

For those who had intended to come but didn’t/couldn’t, know you were missed. For us two who attended, stepped into and held the spaciousness for self and others,  we noticed forms of thankfulness and contentment.

7-8:30 pm Selected Friday’s (see below)

The next gathering is 7-8:30pm on November 12th 2021.

When:   Oct Oct 22, (Introduction and taster session) Nov 12 & 19 Dec 17 (2021)

Cost: You decide (as a community we will pay between £3 and £12,& so will cover cost of the setting and facilitator).

Bring a mat, a cushion, & a pen and paper if you can.

Come to one, come to all, you choose.

Booking advised as the community is limited to a maximum of 12.

Last Updated on 26/10/2021