Centre for Whole Health in September!

Well, what a year! And we are still here, and getting ready for September. Welcoming back some of our long-standing therapists, saying goodbye to others, whilst at the same time introducing some new faces.
Shauna Hope is offering counselling, both from the CWH and in Nature!
Alice Parham offers the powerful stillness and energy of Reiki, with special discounts for NHS workers.
Courtyard Osteopaths have been busy during the latter part of lockdown, as have the Bristol Acupuncture Practice. Between them they are helping to re-align our bodies, sooth out the cranial rhythms, and keep the flow of our energy clear, all of which are affected by stress.
But it might be that, lack of everyday touch, like a hug from a friend, has left you feeling out of sorts, in which case you might appreciate the soothing calm touch of Reiki. Or maybe you just need a safe person to talk to after being cooped up on your own or just with one or two others, counselling offers just that.
As the world continues to open up, we hope to be welcoming more therapists and more therapies, and to be able to run more classes such as Pilates, Yoga, and Mediation, or Mindfulness Practice.
So, watch this space!